Antimicrobial coating service now available

Posted December 13, 2022

We understand the importance of getting back to normal as quickly as possible, but more importantly, the need to protect your pupils, customers and staff. In uncertain times, being able to resume business and profitability can put you ahead of your competitors. We have spent the summer finding the perfect partner to be able to offer the latest technology to protect against Covid-19.

Our Antimicrobial coating service will be conducted by our own highly trained personnel, so we are in control of the procedure from start to finish. The coating from world leading company NordiChem can be applied to any surface including vehicles and fabric. The coating will last for 90 days and cannot be removed by normal cleaning procedures. Once the service has been conducted, we will certify the areas with Safer Space accreditation, this will give your customers peace of mind that they are protected in their environment.

As we are conducting the service ourselves we can offer a very competitive price and can tailor the service for you needs. You can read more information and find all contact details here