At Juniper, we listen to customers

Posted December 13, 2022

We recently hosted a parent taster session at Thamesview Infant school which allowed parents to experience a range of dishes that Juniper offer as part of our Autumn and Winter menus.

The parents were offered a range of meals which included:

  • Chicken and Bean Burrito
  • Orzo Pasta served with Greek spiced Lamb
  • Moroccan Spiced Tagine
  • Ratatouille Ravioli
  • Selection of Salads
  • Plum Crumble

Parents were asked to rate the taste of the dishes in the following categories:

  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Ok
  • Not to my liking

We received 30 completed feedback forms from the parents, the chart below summarises the feedback.

Parents opinion of the dish they tasted

77% of the parents that tasted the Chicken & Bean Wrap rated this dish as very good with the further 23% rating it as good. 56% of the parents that tasted the Orzo Pasta rated the taste as very good. 43% of the parents rated it as good. No parents commented that the taste was not to their liking. The Moroccan Tagine received mixed reviews 60% of the parents either rated the Tagine as either very good or good. The other 39% rated it as ok or not to their liking.

We asked the parents if their perception of the school meals had changed from participation in this food tasting event.

Parents perception of the Meals

77% of parents stated that the meals they tasted during this session were better than they thought they would be with the further 23% saying that the meals were about the same as they expected.

At Juniper Ventures we always strive to improve on our services and meals offered so we ask the parents to provide any additional comments they wished to make. We received the following feedback from parent’s comments:

Other comments below

Feedback comments from parents