Preparing healthy and nutritious meals each day through our highly skilled teams is at the core of everything we do.

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We will always ensure the highest standards of food is served – by passionate and trained staff.

We exceed our client’s and consumer’s expectations and regularly collaborate with them to consistently improve their experiences.


Juniper are always seeking new ways of working in a more efficient and effective manner – the introduction of a paperless environment in all our kitchens is just one. Read how we achieved this along with its benefits here.

Customer Focussed

We work all our clients to develop new branding and environments that encourage healthy eating and making positive food choices.

We have supported London Design and Engineering UTC with transforming their dining environments and you can read the case study by clicking here.


We are a not for profit organisation and want to ensure that we deliver services that everyone can be proud of and that support the communities in which we operate.

We encourage our staff to speak freely.

We will put our hands up if we get it wrong and learn from our mistakes.

Integrity - honestly different

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