Antimicrobial Coating Service

Protect your environment from COVID-19 with Juniper’s Antimicrobial Coating service

We all need reassurance on cleanliness right now and our team is offering the most advanced steps available in ensuring your building is COVID-19 safe. We offer a coating service conducted by our own specially trained cleaning staff. Protecting your pupils, staff and customers, whilst resuming business as close to normal as possible, is going to be vital over the coming months, and potentially years.

The technology

We have partnered with Nordic Chem to offer the latest technology to protect against COVID-19. Following our usual thorough deep clean of your school or business, our highly trained cleaning team will use effective equipment and chemicals to achieve the most comprehensive surface hygiene programme available.

Using our electrostatic sprayer, imported from the USA, along with the proven most effective Antimicrobial coating, we will spray all contact points in your school or building.

Juniper’s Antimicrobial coating service to protect your environment

Put your customers at ease with the Safer Space Accreditation

Once we have treated your business, we can certify the area with the Safer Space Accreditation. This shows you are contributing towards a healthier community and promotes your corporate and social responsibilities. We will supply certificates and stickers to display around your premises to give your customers and staff peace of mind.

How much does the service cost?

Our prices vary depending on your facility’s needs so we recommend you call or email to discuss as we will provide a quote based on individual requirements. By giving you peace of mind whilst protecting children, staff and customers, this service offers outstanding value for money for cleaning schools, vehicles, public buildings, and businesses.

Find out more and book in your school or business by emailing