Primary School Catering

Everyone knows that young people can be particular about what they like to eat – this is how the Juniper team can utilise its huge experience in developing lunchtime menus with them in mind.

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All the menus our trained on site team prepare each day in your child’s school will always exceed the Government’s tough Food based Guidelines and we are very proud of our menus being independently assessed by the Soil Association as meeting their Food for Life standards.  This means that you can be assured that over 80% of the food we serve is cooked from fresh ingredients each day.  Our menus are made up of seasonable, fully traceable, healthier, sustainable and fresh ingredients that are free from trans-fats and nasty additives.

We want to make lunchtime fun and will often hold interesting and exciting Discovery Day lunches in partnership with the school focussing on national events or curriculum-based themes.

As part of our programme of encouraging healthier eating there is always an unlimited supply of vegetables and salad available for every child each day.

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Why should my child have a school lunch?

There are many reasons why children benefit from staying for a school lunch. Our meals are great value as all primary school aged children in Newham school receive them for free and they are hot and healthy which is great for energy because your child will use up a great deal of energy during a full school day. Children need to concentrate during lessons, let off steam at play times and recharge their batteries for the afternoon. Eating a Juniper meal helps to achieve this and provides the following:

  • hot, healthy and nutritionally balanced menus.
  • a selection of homemade products and recognised meals that provide choice and variety to suit all tastes.
  • convenience – saving you time preparing packed lunches.
  • enhanced learning abilities – studies have shown that children concentrate better in lessons if they have had a fulfilling lunchtime meal.
  • teaches children the social skills involved with eating with others and how to make choices – learning need not stop when the lunch bell goes.
  • allows a child to relax in a safe, supervised environment with friends.

Juniper is committed to providing the highest standards of service. In achieving this, parents can be assured that:

  • all menus comply with, and usually exceed, the Government’s Food Standards for school lunches.
  • halal only products are used as requested by your school’s governors.
  • our food purchasing contracts control the sourcing of safe ingredients and ensure the necessary delivery and storage methods to maintain the highest levels of food safety.
  • we regard your child as a valued customer and serve all children in a friendly and supportive manner, helping them to expand their eating experience with care.
  • we do not knowing use foods containing genetically modified ingredients and we avoid using artificial additives and colourings wherever possible.

Free school meals

In Newham all infant and junior aged pupils receive a free school lunchtime meal. Infant aged children receive a meal through central Government’s funded scheme and junior pupils are provided a free meal through a scheme that is funded by the Mayor of Newham.

Even though all primary aged children in the Schools we operate in Newham are served a free meal each day it is vital that if you meet the criteria for a statutory free school meals that you let your school know as your application will provide a Government Payment called a "Pupil Premium" which is vital funds for the school and which can be used for teaching staff and resources.

If you want more information and to see if you are entitled to statutory free school meals in order to support your school financially please contact your School Business Manager for further information.