National Apprenticeship Week

Posted February 10, 2023

We believe apprenticeships are a great way for all employees at all levels of our organisation to have access to continuing professional development. Currently we have our cohort of 8 supervisors working across the catering and cleaning strands of the business completing a Team Leader Apprenticeship, our finance apprentice Numair Ali is completing a Level 7 CIMA qualification and our two Executive Directors are completing a Level 7 qualification in Strategic Management and Leadership. Clare and Philippa had a few words to say about the apprenticeship.


Clare Tyler

Clare Tyler said “completing the Level 7 Senior Leadership Apprenticeship with the London Education Board has been really interesting; I am now on my last module and will be working towards my end point assessment in the next few weeks. I have a lot of practical experience in senior leadership achieved over many years and in recent years’ experience of managing a limited company however it is great to understand the theory behind key areas such as Corporate Governance, Strategic HR, Finance and Corporate Social Responsibility etc. I am very grateful to Juniper for providing me with this opportunity through, the use of their apprenticeship levy”.

Philippa Terry

Philippa Terry said that “undertaking the apprenticeship has really helped to broaden my knowledge and skill set.  Looking at key areas of the business that we are responsible for as directors has given me the opportunity to challenge what we do and how we can improve things for the entire workforce.  This apprenticeship, has been such fantastic opportunity and proof that learning and development is open to all staff at Juniper”.

Lisa Turpin

Our Chef Manager at Curwen Primary School, Lisa Turpin, is also completing an apprenticeship. She is one of eight Juniper apprentices undertaking the Leadership and Management Apprenticeship at Newham College. When was asked about Lisa was asked about her apprenticeship, this is what she had to say;

“I manage a large kitchen team and I decided to undertake the course to give me a broader understanding of management, to be sure I  am leading my team well. Since the course began, we have covered a wide range of topics from the use of IT, to Contract and Employment law,  looking at the culture and values of our organisation, the different cultures of an organisation why this is important and how this impacts on the way staff are managed. I have to say that when I first started this apprenticeship I thought it was going to be easy and I could talk my way through it, it isn’t and I can’t. It is hard workand it does become a part of your life. As apprentices we have had so much support which is amazing. The things that I have learned  have stuck with me and to be educated is priceless. I have somebody taking their time to teach me and the company is paying for it. My spelling is better, my computer skills are like day and night and my confidence is a lot better. I would say to anyone thinking about taking up an apprenticeship – if you have the opportunity please take it.”