Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus Statement

Juniper are taking the Coronavirus very seriously and are currently reviewing the risks and how we can mitigate them so as not to cause any disruption to the services we provide. 

We have been advised to provide guidance to all our staff which is included below for your information. We are also in discussions with our provider of relief staff as we anticipate increased levels of sickness as guidance is followed andprecautionary measures of remaining at home if unwell are advised.

Cleaning Methods

If we are your cleaning provider then please be assured we are doing everything we can to try and minimise germs spreading by putting the following processes in place:

All Cleaners in Charge and Supervisors have been instructed to implement protocols used when we have Nora Virus outbreaks in particular schools and buildings. This should ensure that all key areasincluding surfaces and door handles etc. are being disinfected on a daily basis.

We are following NHS guidance on cleaning methods to be used to prevent the spread of germs and the following advise can be used on a day to day basis in your school or building.

 To stop the spread of germs focus on kitchen and toilet facilities
 Use disinfectant to kill germs
 Clean germ hot spots more regularly
 Ensure cleaning aids such as mops and cloths are germ free by washing them at 60c after use
 If washing up brushes are being used in your school ensure they are put in the dishwasher every day or clean with detergent and warm water after each use
 Mops and buckets should be cleaned and dried after each use
 Ensure toilets are cleaned regularly with disinfectant 
 Ensure showers are cleaned regularly and if not used let the hot water run for a while before using it
 Floors should be kept clean using disinfectant, if cleaning bodily fluids use a disposable cloth and dispose of it safely after use.
 Carpet should be steam cleaned if necessary
 Toys should be kept clean and stored away
 Use of soft toys should be kept to a minimum and washed in washing machine if able
 Use foot operated bins were possible to reduce the spread of germs

As further information comes to light or further processes implemented we will keep you updated.
If in the meantime you have any concerns please contact your Area Cleaning Manager or alternatively Albert Wreden, Head of Cleaning Operations on 07973 510793 or via email