Juniper Ventures Focus Day 2017

Juniper Ventures celebrates it's first Focus Day and Staff Awards at Stratford Town Hall

Juniper Ventures Focus Day 2017

A day of training and development as well as recognition of achievement was held at Stratford Town Hall on 21st July for Juniper’s supervisory and management teams. Bringing together approximately 170 colleagues for the first time opened up an opportunity for learning, socialising and celebration.


The day started early with Michael Hales, Juniper’s Managing Director, addressing the delegates and setting the scene for the day. Michael acknowledged the notable achievements and successes that Juniper have made to date. Michael then explained each stage of the externalisation process and the positive changes that it will bring.


The Mayor of Newham, Sir Robin Wales, then took to the stage and told those present how much they were valued by the Council for delivering these frontline services and improving the outcome for the residents of Newham. He went on to explain how committed the Council are to the externalisation process (12 Council teams have already successfully gone through this) and how to make the services more efficient and commercial whilst ensuring that those staff who were supportive and successful in the improvement of the service were rewarded for it and, in turn had some ownership in the future.


Later in the morning four workshops had been organised for delegates to add to their already expanding training and development programme. These covered important subjects around emergency first aid, fire safety and safeguarding. The final workshop was facilitated by Juniper’s Senior Management Team and allowed delegates to raise their concerns and share what benefits they felt externalisation would bring to them. The responses to this session will be the initial basis for a FAQ document that will be distributed to all staff in September.


So after a tasty lunch, all present were addressed by our guest speaker, Juliette Yardley, who explained in a very interactive and entertaining way how to be resilient in times of change.


To finish up the day, Michael Hales then presented the achievement and recognition awards. This is the first time that the catering and cleaning teams have been recognised formally in such a way. Michael was keen to assure all colleagues present that this was to be an annual event as he felt that the staff who go the extra mile or do amazing things beyond their role should always be recognised for it.