Uniform Recycling

Posted December 13, 2022

Colleagues will know that over the past few months we changed our uniforms and had all the existing items returned them to the offices at the Old Town Hall.

The polo shirts could not be reused so to prevent 22 bags from land fill, Angie our Recycling Tzar, approached a local company based in Canning Town who took them away for recycling with 95% of the textiles being recycled and then resold in the UK:

-All uniforms were separated by their material type

-Absorbent materials such as cotton and linen were cut into industrial wiping cloths – UK based

– Other materials such as wool and felt were pulled to make new yarn – UK Based

– All other materials were sent to be used as flocking and felting – Hungary Based (note this is less than 5% of all the recycling)

And what have we done with the uniform for reusing?

– Sent for a professional laundry

– Separated Trousers & Aprons

– Trousers will be reused for the Cleaning Staff

– Aprons are being given away to local youth groups and schools

So nothing has gone to land fill – not a single item !

Thank you Angie – a great job!!